CEO Statement

Let us be clear...

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it“ (Alan Kay)

By 2050 the world population will rise to almost nine billion individuals. 80% will probably live in cities, a large part in so-called megacities. Moreover the population is getting older and older, this demographic change has already found its way. 150 years ago a human’s life expectancy reached 40 years, today male live expectancy reaches an age of 78  - the female population reaches even probably 83 years on average.

The share of elderly people, so-called "second life people" is growing constantly. In future they will be more mobile - compared to the previous generation. According to a study of the Institute for Mobility Research in Berlin (IFMO) we will find an increasing number of people being employed, on the other hand people will be more adventurous and much more in motion than some years ago. In contrast to this, the smartphone for the young generation is here and now more important than the own car. A car on call, "mobility on demand" or other similar offerings promising different modes of transportation, meet these generation’s requirements much better. Nevertheless the number of car owners worldwide will almost triple until 2050. Truck traffic is predicted to double and air traffic will even quadruple. Consequently roads, metro and railroad networks have to be developed further on a worldwide scale.

What will be important for planners and engineers in future?

For us at Dorsch (DI/BDC), being an independent consulting engineering company, thus primarily means responding to the changing living conditions and varying infrastructural requirements. New developments can be managed proactively with differentiated and advanced planning and target-oriented activities. Keeping this structural change in mind, it is particularly relevant to engage in an altered planning work process and to integrate sustainability as an inherent part into our “think & act“ – this is valid for the topic “sustainable corporate governance“ as well.

Careful listening, competent and independent consulting, focused project work and adoption of innovative ideas are all-in-all integral components of high-quality design engineering work - enabling our contribution to solution-driven approaches and solving complex challenges for a sustainable future.

Flat hierarchies, positive thinking as well as responsible and efficient resource management is particularly important to us and to our partners. Consistently elaborated projects based on thorough analyses are developed together "with" and "for" our user/clients - leading to high acceptance, long-term satisfaction and, most notably, longevity of projects and measures.

Our mission in a nutshell:
- We plan infrastructure, which will be important in the future!
- We rely on sustainable planning!
- What we plan, we plan for you!