Our mission is an expression of a strong brand.


The guiding principles, gives us a consistent, sustainable direction. It describes our common understanding and our intentions.


In regards of sustainability, we take our customers needs seriously and help to fulfil the value-chain.


Our mission is an expression of a strong brand. A mission, that motivates and pushes us every day. This is what we stand for and what labels us.


We generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management.

Guiding Principles

We want to apply our guiding principles into our daily work. Therefore we need rules, which give us orientation. For that purpose, the Code of Conduct was established and applies to everyone in our company.

We want to live these behaviours internally as externally with respect and decency. Working together in a friendly, open and professional atmosphere should be elementary. We put customers wishes and problems in the center of our consulting work. In order to do so, we put ourselves in our clients shoes in order to find adequat and innovative solutions. We are honest relating to the information & consulting-processes and analyze ourselves critically.

We want employees who are confident, motivated and performance-oriented. Recognition and constructive feedback strengthen our self confidence, push our independence and motivates us to come up with new ideas. Sustainable management is particularly important to us. Therefore, economical acting, social responsibility and ecological awareness are guiding principles of our company.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are your contact partner for independent and sustainable engineering and planning. The customer needs have first priortity, therefore it‘s important to help in finding longlasting , sustainable solutions for the next generation.

No sooner said than done: We support internal environmental impact studies, accompanying landscaping, species protection tests or other relevant analyses for example, in order to question measures within the run-up or to minimise interventions into nature.

Our company is engaged based on the improvement of the economic, environmental and social performance. e. g.

  • Innovation and development of new and improved planning methods and procedures in order to support the sustainability effort of our customers
  • Support of the responsible use of services/solutions concerning environment, health and safety as well as the efficient use of resources
  • In the cities and communities we act as a "good neighbour" and provide the best possible solutions on-site.
  • Through our association work and together with our partners, we keep us up to date and use trainings and innovations networks.

Our Mission

A mission is an expression of a strong brand. Something, that motivates and pushes us every day. It is what we stand for, what labels us.

The aspirations we set for ourselves are:

  • We plan infrastructure, which will be important in the future!
  • We rely on sustainable planning!
  • What we plan, we plan for you!

Key economic objectives, data & facts

Due to the long-term nature of our projects and the associated high volatility in the independent consulting engineers branch, we generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management. We also develop our measures accordingly. Therefore, our core objectives are based on the year 2015 with a target horizon until 2021. We intend to follow this up by setting new targets up to 2025 based on the 2021 figures.

Due to the corona crisis, Dorsch International recorded a minor decrease in its contract volume in 2020 over 2019 of -2.3 %, following a significant increase (+21.89 %) in 2019 over 2018.

Compared with the previous year 2019 the project results of Dorsch International remained quite stabile with -0.22 % in 2020. Nevertheless, the overall performance of the company went up noticeably (+5.85 %) over the same period.

This is an increase of 17.1 % in the period since 2015. The target of increasing total output by 15% until 2021 has been met already one year earlier.