Mwanza: Lake Victoria Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building


Mwanza is a growing city at the south coast of Lake Victoria with a population just below one million inhabitants. Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) is responsible for the provision of potable water and the wastewater management. The European Investment Bank (EIB) under the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund supports MWAUWASA with a long-term loan to boost infrastructure investments and strengthen the institutional capacities.


The overall objective of the project is the protection of the environment of Lake Victoria and the wellbeing of the population in the lake basin.

The proposed assignment aims at preparing the promotor for sustainable management of provided infrastructure by equipping him with related skills and operational tools. Through the implementation of this project the Promoter shall be enabled to face challenges of the increasing demands of a growing city, according to the 2040 Master Plan.

Project Measures

  • The project involves the following components:
  • Business Planning including training in preparation and analysis of business plans
  • Financial Management
  • Recommendation of a financial management software solution and assist in its implementation
  • Recommendation of a billing system software solution, ensure its full integration with other systems as well as capacity building and training.
  • Implementation of a GIS solution
  • Implementation of an Asset Management solution
  • Accelerate connections to sewer network
  • Ensure compliance of industrial discharges

Key Project Data

Utility Characteristics


Further Details




No. of employees





Water Supply





On average supply for 22h per day

Water Network

518 km

Reported water losses: 46%

Water Demand

104,000 m3/d

Forecast for 2040: 340,000 m3/d









After Project implementation expected 43%

Sewerage system

30.4 km



Water and Environment


Dorsch International Consultants


Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA)

Project Activities

  • Peer review the July 2017 statutory business plan and its associated asset management plan
  • Coaching in the preparation and analysis of business plans
  • Financial Analysis of the Utility
  • Implementation and Integration of financial, asset management and GIS software solutions
  • O&M of school and public sanitation blocks
  • Review and revision of sanitation scale-up strategy
  • Expansion of sanitation services
  • Capacity building, training, development of policy and strategy for future development
  • Support for the local city council and utility in revision of bylaws to enforce sewerage connections
  • Communication material for promotion of sewer connections
  • Enforcement of national standards for industrial discharges


From 2018 to 2020