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We plan proactively and sustainably.


"First Mover" in our industry – what does it mean?

"Sustainability" or "to sustain" is generally understood as something that lasts for a long period of time. This is what should be essential, if it comes to planning and consulting work. It is elementary, that private and public infrastructure like airports, traffic/ transport, water/ environment, buildings/ schools as well as urban and landscape development are planned as proactively as possible.

Thus, the „sustainable management“ should be the core from which everything else grows up. So Dorsch International with ist certification "Driving Sustainalbe Change" according to the ZNU Standard is a so called "first mover" in its industry. You are invited to get familiar with what we do around "sustainability"…

United Nations Global Compact – Sustainability Report (COP)

„[...] business can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalization.“ (UN Global Compact 2006)

As an integral part of the sustainability dialogue of Dorsch International, we reported in accordance to the United Nations Global Compact Framework in December 2020 in the third year already. More than 15,000 companies and organizations from over 160 countries have already joined this United Nations initiative on a voluntary basis. The aim of this network is the targeted and effective handling of global challenges through the cooperation of governmental instutions, companies and NGOs.

For us, transparency is not just a defined corporate value, but also our demand in all our processes. Transparent reporting, also on social and environmental aspects of our business, is an essential component of the sustainability management of Dorsch.

Please follow this link to proceed to the company information and the sustainability report of Dorsch International on the UNGC platform (in German language):

As one of the few companies in our branch, we are reporting herein on the topics of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. In this report, we'd like to inform about our integration of sustainability into the everyday life of our company and about our measures for implementation. We are also committing ourselves to our future goals in sustainability and we show how we are measuring our success.

In accordance with the requirements of the UNGC, we are reporting annually on the progress of our sustainability management (Communication on Progress – COP).

Sustainability Report