Our mission is an expression of a strong brand.


The guiding principles, gives us a consistent, sustainable direction. It describes our common understanding and our intentions.


In regards of sustainability, we take our customers needs seriously and help to fulfil the value-chain.


Our mission is an expression of a strong brand. A mission, that motivates and pushes us every day. This is what we stand for and what labels us.


We generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management.

Guiding Principles

With our guiding principles and our Code of Conduct, we have created a framework that helps us pursue our corporate goals in a sustainable manner.

Our conduct towards clients, partners, joint ventures, authorities, competitors and society is characterized by professionalism, respect and fairness. We also pursue this approach internally. We consider it a matter of course to act with integrity and open-mindedness toward our customers. We place their wishes and needs at the center of our consulting and support.

We earn the trust of our clients daily. To achieve this, we put ourselves in their shoes and act fairly and comprehensibly towards them. We are transparent and self-critical when providing information and advice.

Professionally qualified, motivated and performance-oriented employees support us on this path. Sustainable management is a particular concern of ours. Economic action, social responsibility and ecological awareness are the guiding principles of our business.

Commitment to Sustainability

As a partner for independent and sustainable engineering and planning work, we take our clients' sustainability needs seriously. In doing so, we help to continuously improve sustainability within the value chain. We use our entrepreneurial knowledge and flexibility to provide the market with concrete solutions for future generations.

The company's own environmental impact studies, landscape conservation plans, species protection assessments and other far-reaching analyses make an important contribution to this. We already optimize measures in advance to minimize interventions in nature. With modern solutions for urban development and environmental planning, we actively contribute to energy efficiency.

As a group of companies, we are committed to improving economic, ecological and business performance through:

  • Innovating and developing new and improved planning methods and processes to support our clients' sustainability approaches
  • Responsible use of optimized solutions for the environment, health and safety, and efficient use of resources
  • For cities and communities, we care about finding the best possible solutions on the ground. We think and act with foresight in the interests of our clients and subsequent users
  • Through our association work and in cooperation with our partners, we keep our finger on the pulse of time and make use of active further education forums and offered innovation networks

Our Vision

Dorsch plans the infrastructure of tomorrow to meet global needs.

Our ambition is to develop innovative, holistic and sustainable value for all stakeholders. Dorsch designs infrastructure that matters in the future to contribute to global intergenerational equity.

Our guiding principle is derived from this:

bringing visions to life. Dorsch Gruppe

Key economic objectives, data & facts

Due to the long-term nature of our projects and the associated high volatility in the independent consulting engineers branch, we generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management. We also develop our measures accordingly. Our core objectives communicated herewith (as of the reporting date 31.12.2021) are based on the year 2015 with a target horizon until 2021.

Dorsch International recorded a significant increase (+50.42 %) in the order book in 2021 over 2020. This impressive figure results from the fact that the value fell sharply in the previous year.

Compared with the previous year 2020 the project results of Dorsch International increased by +5.69% in 2021. The overall performance of the company decreased by -10.33 % over the same period compared to the previous year 2020.

This is an increase of only +5 % in the period since 2015. The key target of increasing total output by +15% by 2021 could not be achieved in 2021 due to the negative effects Corona crisis on our operational business, although the figure of +17.1% since 2015 was achieved once before in 2020. 

Redefining our objectives

After this target settlement until 2021, the targets were now to be redefined. Due to the the far-reaching planning horizons in our branch, long-term targeting has proven to be the best approach.

We have chosen the pre-Covid19 year 2019 as the base year for our objectives in order to exclude pandemic-related influences. Subsequently our new objectives are set up until 2025 based on the 2019 figures as stated below.

Objectives and Key Figures until 2025

Base year 2019, without Covid19-related effects