We are committed to upholding human rights in all business activities.


At Dorsch, we are committed to upholding human rights in all business activities. This applies to all internal and external processes.


Objectives of our flexible working models and the pme family service offered at Dorsch are to align our employees' private challenges with the company's interests and to serve our customers best.


Our company supports social institutions in order to help needy people.


We generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management.

Human rights

We are committed to protecting human rights throughout our business operations.

We pursue this claim in our project work and in all other internal and external company processes. We ensure that every individual associated with Dorsch is a part of this self-image.

We respect and support the protection of international human rights along our entire value chain. By taking appropriate measures, we ensure that we are not complicit in any human rights violations. We apply this standard not only to our own employees, but also, as far as possible, to all our partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

Flexible working time, career, family & promotion of young people

At Dorsch, we attach great importance to a good work-life balance for our employees.

In close cooperation with our works council, we ensure that our work and travel time management is organized in a particularly employee-friendly way. Flexible working hours and the individual design of the workplace are just two aspects of our corporate culture.

By using modern IT solutions, we also enable our employees to work from home without any problems, thus achieving an even better balance between their professional and private lives. In line with our future-oriented corporate approach, the early integration of junior staff and their professional development is a very important concern for us.

The pme family service

The pme family service offered at Dorsch supports all employees in combining work and private life. Thus, they are able to accomplish all their daily tasks with a clear head in a healthy way. The pme’s offer ranges from individual care solutions for children and elder people to numerous childcare and education facilities. Additionally, a partner academy also offers educational trainings for all situations in the daily private an working life.

"Corporate Volunteering"

Volunteering for charitable purposes is part of our corporate culture. We, the Dorsch Gruppe, see corporate volunteering as an opportunity to actively work for others. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we had to pause initiatives like our "Social Day" in the meantime. For 2024, we plan to find an alternative to further expand our regional engagement, or to revive the Social Day.

Corporate Run

J.P. Morgan is actively involved in sports for the disabled. As part of this, there is the J.P. Morgan Run as a Corporate Challenge. Every participant contributes with a part of his entry fee to a donation in the area of disabled sports youth. After a Corona-related break, the companies of the Dorsch Gruppe 2023 have again participated in corporate runs with a partial social background. A revival of participation in the J.P. Morgan Chase is also planned.

"Engineers without Borders"

As a sustaining member, we support the aid organization "Engineers Without Borders". The aim of the organization is to sustainably improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people worldwide. Within the scope of a development cooperation, we at Dorsch actively support worldwide aid projects on a voluntary basis.

"Transparency International"

We support the organization "Transparency International" in its fight against corruption and bribery. Thus, we actively make our contribution to sustainably strengthen public awareness about the negative consequences of corruption.

Key social objectives, data & facts

Due to the long-term nature of our projects and the associated high volatility in the independent consulting engineers sector, we generally aim for long-term goals in our sustainability management. We also develop our measures accordingly.

Our core objectives communicated herewith (as of the reporting date 31.12.2022) are based on the year 2019 with a target horizon until 2025. The ratio is currently 9.1% (previous year 7.0%).

From 2021 to 2022 the number of salaried staff working at Dorsch International decreased massively by +15,05 % from 214 to 186. Our continued long-term goal of a 15 % increase until 2025 has been significantly undercut with a total decrease of -4.12 % since 2019.

There was an decrease of -6 % in the number of women employed and -9 % in the number of men employed.

The reasons for this were to be found in a very high fluctuation since Corona, which is usual in the sector. An adjustment of our recruiting strategy seems to be recommendable as a consequence. For the current time, however, we intend to maintain our long-term target.

From 2021 to 2022 the number of interns / working students increased from 15 to 17 (+13,33 %).

The percentage of female employees working at Dorsch International slightly increased slightly in 2022 to 39 % (in 2020 it was 37 %) - remaining substantially higher (+77,27 %) than the average figure of 22 % in the engineering consultants’ sector. Our goal of a permanently above-average share of women of at least 40% by 2025 is already within reach.

The proportion of female managers, which was surveyed for the first time in 2022, is well above average at 43 %.

Definition of our objectives

After a positive target settlement 2015 to 2021, our goals had to be redefined. Due to the far-reaching planning horizons in our sector, long-term target setting has proven to be the best approach.

We have chosen the pre-Covid19 year 2019 as the base year for our current objectives in order to exclude pandemic-related influences. Our targets up to 2025 are shown below, based on the 2019 figures.

Objectives and Key Figures until 2025

Base year 2019, without Covid19-related effects

* Reduction per full-time equivalent employee