Dehradun Airport: Interview with Managing Director of DC India Nirmal Humbad in the Construction Times

Nirmal G. Humbad, Managing Director of Dorsch Consult India (Private) Ltd. with headquarters in Mumbai, gave an interview to the Indian construction sector magazine "Constuction Times" for its February issue on the large-scale Dehradun Airport project.

Dorsch Consult India was commissioned by the Airports Authority India for the concept and the planning of the commissioning of the terminal. The aim was to not just build a typical airport terminal, but to incorporate the uniqueness of the local heritage.

After extensive consideration, Dorsch particularly wanted to implement innovations in the areas of sustainability, structural design and technology in this project. For example, massive energy savings are now possible due to the building's pillow-shaped roof. In general, great care was taken in the construction of the building to use sustainable building materials, such as structural steel, which can be 100% recycled. 

Key contributors to the concept design were Architect Manuel Goicoechea, Aviation Planner Tim Schneiter and Structural Expert Akshay Kohojkar.

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