Meeting in the German Embassy Qatar

Peter Neuschaefer was invited as VP German Business Council and Operations Director of Dorsch Qatar to an informal lunch at the German Embassy of Qatar last week. The meeting served as an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and to exchange experiences. Particularly, climate change and its omnipresent consequences were the focus of the discussions.

As a highly innovative countryGermany is a strong partner in driving sustainable projects forward worldwide and in the Arab countries. Among others Peter Neuschaefer laid the foundation for a sustainable energy supply here years ago with his "TerraSave Concept", coupled with a clever irrigation system. With BLS Energieplan as a sister company, Dorsch is an important cooperation partner for the best possible energy supply and decarbonization. 

To ensure sustainable development in infrastructure projects from the very beginning, a close exchange on political and economic level is important. In addition to an interesting exchange with the representatives from politics and diplomacy, the meeting also included a profitable exchange with Mr. Herbert Klausner, Managing Director Siemens Energy Qatar and Kuwait.

To ensure sustainable development in infrastructure projects from the outset, close exchange at the political and economic level is important.